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Armor Process

Our armor was developed by highly qualified engineers and technicians, using concepts that have been consolidated and approved as safe.

One property is the protection of the opaque area (everything except glass) with the joint application of steel and the aramid cover.

Studies have shown that the aramid cover is vulnerable in its contour. For this reason it is necessary to apply the steel in the structures as pillars and at the ends of the doors and trunk.

The fixing of the aramid and steel parts is performed by the process of bonding with polyurethane adhesive, ensuring the fixation of the entire surface of the part and a rubber mattress is formed between the part and the vehicle, making it quieter.

Avallon uses only high-quality materials in its shielding, adding to the product a greater durability and an excellent finish.

All the inputs used in our armor follow the national and international standards; are also tested and approved by renowned international laboratories such as H.P. White Laboratory, following a rigorous process, evaluation and quality control system. In addition, the company has constant investments in new equipment and continuous training of its employees.

Shielding procedures require skilled manpower and a rigorous monitoring approach.

At every stage completed, a quality inspector carry out the assessment of the performed service, recording its compliance. After the end of the screening, rigorous quality control tests are performed, such as: water infiltration, noise and approximately 420 items are checked, to give the service of shielding that all finishes and aesthetic details are perfectly performed.

Armor Levels

Shielding throughout the vehicle interior, such as:

  • Fixed front and rear windows;
  • Doors, locks and steel overlaps on doors;
  • Ceiling and columns;
  • Rearview mirror;
  • Internal and external gearbox;
  • Steel strap on wheels;
  • Front mudguards;
  • Protection between the seat and the trunk.

Level I

Level II A

Level II

Level III A

Level III

Transparent Windows

On the windows, shielded glass will be installed with steel (steel frame at the edges) with thicknesses between 17mm and 21mm, composed of polyvinyl butyral (PVB), polyurethane and polycarbonate. With state-of-the-art technology, providing original appearance and color, very light and high strength, includes an internal film which protect the occupants from possible shrapnel. It is almost impossible to spot them, allowing you to ride without being identified as armored, therefore ensuring comfort and safe driving.


They consist of two material types used in the internal screening of the vehicle: aramid blankets and ballistic steel.


The technology used by Avallon coats the passenger compartment of the vehicle in aramid blankets; panels rubberized with neoprene on both sides. Due to their elasticity, weight, grip and flexibility, they facilitate adaptation in structures without interfering with the interior space and original appearance of the vehicle. Applied in whole modules cut according to the area to be fixed, avoiding amendments, which would become vulnerable points.


Stainless ballistic steel is used throughout the vehicle structure, such as: A and B columns, door bars, locks and in other places where there is no total aramid blanket attachment, eliminating vulnerable points and reinforcing any original structure. All parts are individually molded, covered by automotive resin and internally coated with E.V.A (anti-friction which inhibits the contact of steel with the automotive bodywork). With this screening process, the vehicle will have no internal noise outside the original manufacturing standard.


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